Uygar Çağlı



Uygar Cagli was born in Istanbul and is now based in Austria. He is a bassist, composer and arranger. Uygar graduated from the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Graz and the jazz department at Anton Bruckner University in Linz. In 2021, he produced and released his first debut album 'TING'.


He has worked with musicians such as Kerim Çaplı (TR), Sinan Erkoç (TR), Christoph Cech (AU), Andreas Schreiber (AU), Alp Bora (AU/TR), Orwa Saleh (SYR/AU), Maias Alyamani (SYR/QAT), Guem (FRA), Dima Orsho (SYR/USA), Basma Jabr (SYR/AU), Makadi Nahhas (JOR), Zohar Fresco (ISR), Gerhard Reiter (AU), Muazzez Abacı (TR), Thomas Gansch (AU), Basel Rajoub (SYR/CHE) and Silvia Josi Josifoska (SVK).


Some of the albums and EPs he has published are Ting (Uygar Cagli), Raheel (Ruh), Phönix (ikmus99), Windows to the East (Chameleon Orchestra), Zifir (Çarx). His project Ruh/Raheel was honoured as “Best Cultural Project/2015” in Linz.