Çağrı Beklen

guitar, composition


Critically-acclaimed Neo-Classical composer Çağrı Beklen has been a dominant force in his world of exquisite productions for over two decades. Based in Vienna and steeped in the traditions of the masters, he is able to bring all his influences and interpret them in an ever-expanding body of work. He moves effortlessly between theatre productions and an easy listening experience for those who adore modern classical compositions.

Migrating from Turkey to the Austrian capital at the age of 18, he has composed music for over 40 productions and has received eight awards to date. He studied jazz guitar for three years at the Franz Schubert Conservatory for Music and Drama under Prof. Susanna Mazakarinni, and began his 12-year journey at the Prayner Conservatory for Music and Drama under internationally-acclaimed composers such as Wolfram Wagner, Ulf-Diether Soyka and Josef Stolz.

Since 2006 he has been commissioned to produce work for many theatre companies, seeing him win several prestigious awards including the Direklerarası Audience Award, The 5th Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Award and Üstün Akmen Theater Award in the Best Theater Music category for his compositions ‘Coriolanus’ and ‘Kundakçı’. 

Although Çağrı Beklen’s career has been underpinned by those academic institutions that have given him the knowledge to craft breathtakingly beautiful music, he also believes that it must be complemented by the experience, passion and history of his own story. It is a fundamental philosophy that weaves constantly throughout his music. 

This is clearly displayed in his 2019 album ‘Hedda Gabber’ and his most celebrated piece ‘Pencere’. Wonderfully orchestrated strings caress the listener with luxuriously textured waves of emotion as they are taken on a journey of transformational discovery through the modern lens of classical music. Çağrı’s laments and nuanced phrasing are a testament to his lifetime of influences and build to crescendos of unimaginable drama and tension. 

The soundscapes of his mind are now transferring to the world of film and media. Crafting soundtracks with depth and the inflections of untold stories will see Çağrı’s work feature on the small and big screen in the years ahead.